About Connie Reuschlein

Transforming Your Dreams Into Reality

Connie Reuschlein, Certified Life Coach

Hi, I’m Connie Reuschlein (pronounced Rushline). As a DreamBuilder Coach, certified by the Life Mastery Institute, I can help you design and manifest a life that’s in harmony with your Soul’s purpose!

My knack is inspiring and empowering anyone who yearns for a life of joy, success and fulfillment. My passion is teaching clients a system for unlocking their true potentials, with amazing results in living a life they love!  By instilling IMAGINATION & CREATIVITY, and by exploring POSSIBILITIES & POTENTIALS, my supportive and reassuring coaching style becomes a high-spirited adventure for clients!

As a professional speaker and educator in transformational coaching, I have conducted workshops in California, New Mexico, Texas, and Wisconsin, but also do group and 1-on-1 classes over phone so you too can have the opportunity to learn keys to fulfilling your dreams.

Connie with husband & best friend, Dan

With extreme gratitude for my healing gift, I conduct in-person and over-phone healing sessions for clients around the world.  My goal as healer is to help recipients take Quantum Leaps into their evolving light bodies, while moving fully into their unique, authentic selves. ~  Explore more on my healing work at www.LightbodyTailor.com

Connie Reuschlein, Lightbody Tailor

Originally from Madison Wisconsin, I lived in El Paso Texas for 15 years, and now reside with my husband in the countryside just south of Austin Texas.

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems. Between my services as Web Developer, Life Coach, and Energy Healer, I have learned to easily flip between left-brain and right-brain activities!

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